Dear Colleague,
Several patients being referred to the Monoclonal Antibody Clinic (MAC) for Evusheld therapy are having to be rescheduled each week because, when asked, they report that they were not advised by their referring physician of the risks and benefits of the therapy. 
Please note that the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Evushield requires referring providers to have a clinical conversation with their patient regarding the risks and benefits before they can consent to receive. Patients should also be given this Fact Sheet for Evusheld.
To keep your patients from being rescheduled at the MAC, you must have held the clinical conversation of risks and benefits with your patient before completing and submitting the referral form to the MAC. 
For more information on MAB options see last week's email from Dr. Desmar Walkes.
Scott Clitheroe, MD
President, TCMS