Dear Colleagues, 

As we muddle through the pandemic, we are often challenged to recommend appropriate actions due to possible infection with, or exposure to, SARS-CoV2. These questions apply to our patients, our friends and family, and even ourselves. 

Sorting through the various scenarios on the CDC website can be time consuming, challenging, and confusing. This week, two tools have come to my attention that I have found very helpful, and I’d like to share them with you. 

The first is a simple flowchart developed by the TMA and published earlier this week. 

The second is a Self-Checker “chatbot” found on the CDC website that can guide you through various scenarios. Oddly, it is tucked away on a page about testing, so it’s not easy to find. I don’t know why it is not more visible, but it is applicable whether the subject has symptoms or simply an exposure, and it takes into account whether or not you are a health care worker. 

I hope this is helpful!