Dear Colleagues, 

We Are Blood is in critical need of convalescent plasma due to a surge in hospitalizations. As physicians, you can help by encouraging your current or recovered COVID patients to register at We Are Blood to donate plasma.

Since early May, when I distributed the recommendations of the TCMS COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) Workgroup, more than 650 units of CCP have been administered to hospitalized COVID-19 patients across our three hospital systems under the Mayo Clinic’s investigational study protocol. 

Just three weeks ago, We Are Blood had built an inventory of 14 day’s supply of convalescent plasma, and physicians were administering two units of CCP to each hospitalized COVID-19 patient in accordance with the protocol. CCP therapy was going extremely well. 

However, Central Texas has suddenly seen an exponential increase in hospitalizations for COVID-19, and this has created a critical shortage of convalescent plasma. The CCP inventory is now down to a 1-day supply. Physicians are able to transfuse only one unit per patient, and at times they’re having to prioritize which patients get the treatment first. 

Hopefully, help is on the way. Yesterday, a press conference was held by Dr. Kristen Mondy, Chief of Infectious Disease at Dell Medical School, and Nick Canedo, VP of Community Engagement at We Are Blood. They alerted the public to how the surge in cases has created a critical shortage, and they appealed to recovered COVID-19 patients to donate plasma.

Today, the Austin American Statesman published a front-page Metro section story on the critical need, and Austin Public Health is contacting recovered COVID-19 patients and encouraging them to register to donate plasma. 

Again, as physicians, you too can help. Please reach out to your current and recovered COVID-19 patients, and ask them to donate plasma. Tell them how their plasma can help seriously ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Urge them to register at We Are Blood to donate convalescent plasma. 

Thank you and stay healthy